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Bodycam Video Footage Of Melvin Jay Being Shot Inside His Own Apartment Released

In #Maryland, body-camera footage revealed Officer Braxton Shelton of Prince George’s County Police fatally shooting 31-year-old Melvin Jay inside his apartment. The incident occurred on February 1 at Windham Creek Apartments in Suitland following a reported break-in. 

The video captures Shelton entering the apartment without announcing his presence, immediately shouting commands, and firing a shot within 35 seconds of arrival. Jay was found with a gun in his pocket and another near the kitchen, though it remains unclear if he was holding anything at the time of the shooting. The relationship between Jay, the 911 caller, and the alleged intruder is noted by the police, suggesting familial connections.

Following the incident, more officers arrived, providing aid to Jay, who ultimately died at the scene. The Maryland Office of the Attorney General is investigating the shooting, with Shelton on administrative leave. The released footage has sparked concern and debate, highlighting the tragic outcome of the encounter and raising questions about police procedures and accountability. 

The law firm Murphy, Falcon and Murphy, representing Jay's family, and Prince George’s County Police Chief Malik Aziz have made statements, but further comments are withheld pending investigation.

Our hearts go out to Melvin Jay's grieving family.


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