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Bodycam Footage Of Unarmed 11-Year-Old Aderrien Murry Being Being Shot At His Home Released As Shooter Remains On Police Force

Newly released body camera footage reveals a disturbing incident in Indianola, #Mississippi, where an unarmed 11-year-old boy named #AderrienMurry was shot and injured by a #police officer last year. Murry had called #911 to his mother's home because he thought his mother was in danger. 

The video shows Officer Sgt. Greg Capers approaches the house with his gun drawn, demanding to see hands and asking a woman to come out. When Murry emerges from the house with his hands up, Capers fires a shot, hitting the young boy in the chest. Aderrien emerged, running toward the door, at which point Capers opened fire, resulting in Aderrien suffering a collapsed lung, fractured rib, and lacerated liver.

Despite the incident, a grand jury declined to indict Officer Capers, who remains on the #Indianola police force. Murry's family filed a $5 million federal lawsuit against the police, the city, and Capers, alleging excessive force and negligence. The family has been vocal in their disagreement with the decision not to charge Capers and has called for his firing. Capers was suspended without pay but reinstated in December, further intensifying the controversy surrounding the case.

The fact that Officer Sgt. Greg Capers was not indicted despite the clear evidence of excessive force, which is a stark example of the systemic issues that persist in policing.

Link: Huffpost 


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