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Bodycam Footage Of Pregnant Black Woman Shot By Ohio Police Officer Released

In an article recently reported from NBC News, a tragic incident in Ohio involving Ta’Kiya Young and a police officer led to the 21-year-old pregnant woman being shot to death. Body camera footage was recently released shedding light on the events that led to Young’s death. Two officers confronted Young in a grocery store parking lot in late August after she was suspected of shoplifting. Instructing her to exit her vehicle, one officer pointed a gun at her which escalated the tension.

The video shows Young questioning the reasons behind the confrontation and denying theft allegations. The situation intensified once one of the officers pointed his gun through the windshield and demanded she exit the vehicle. She eventually accelerated her car towards one of the officers, who police said was struck, prompting the other officer to fire a shot through the windshield. Young was pronounced dead shortly after.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting have ignited controversy. Young's family and their lawyer have labeled the incident a "criminal act" and called for a swift indictment of the officer who fired the fatal shot. They lamented the loss of both Young and her unborn daughter. The officer responsible for the shooting has been placed on administrative leave, while the other officer returned to duty after a review of body camera footage.

Blendon Township Police Chief John Belford contends that the officer who fired the shot acted in self-defense against attempted vehicular assault. The investigation into the incident is ongoing by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

We extend our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Ta’Kiya Young. KYRC will be monitoring this incident closely as more details are provided.

Link: NBCNews


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