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Bodycam Footage Of Johnny Hollman's Tasing Death By Atlanta Police Released

The Fulton County District Attorney's office in Atlanta has released bodycam footage depicting the events leading to the death of 62-year-old deacon Johnny Hollman. The incident transpired on August 10, initially from a minor traffic accident near Cunningham and Joseph E. Lowery boulevards, with #police alleging Hollman was at fault. The video reveals a confrontation between Hollman and Officer Kiran Kimbrough, who attempted to issue a citation. Hollman, reportedly agitated and uncooperative, refused to sign the ticket.

A tense exchange unfolds, culminating in Kimbrough forcing Hollman to the ground. The officer deploys a Taser multiple times as Hollman pleads, "I can't breathe." After a prolonged struggle, Hollman goes silent, prompting Kimbrough to call for medics. Hollman was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead.

The release of the footage, delayed for a day, followed months of advocacy for transparency by Hollman's family. Arnitra Hoffman, Hollman's daughter, believes the video will vindicate her father, asserting that the incident could have been prevented. Chief Darin Schierbaum terminated Officer Kimbrough for deviating from department procedures, specifically for not having a supervisor present during Hollman's arrest.

In response to the incident, #Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens announced changes in how the #police department handles traffic citations and outlined new guidelines for publicizing video evidence related to the use of force by officers. The case has spurred calls for justice, with family, friends, and activists holding a candlelight vigil at the First Iconium Baptist Church.

We'll continue to follow this devastating case for updates as our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Johnny Hollman.


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