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Body Camera Video Of Le’Keian Woods Arrest Released By Jacksonville, Florida Sheriff's Office

Police body camera footage was made public, revealing a violent arrest of #LeKeianWoods, a 24-year-old Black man in #Jacksonville, #Florida. The incident occurred when Woods fled from a drug-related arrest, with officers suspecting he was armed. The released video depicted a detective striking Woods multiple times in the face and kneeing him while commanding him to reveal his hands.

Woods sustained significant facial swelling and was hospitalized with a severe concussion, leaving him barely recognizable, according to his attorney and mother. Police actions drew severe criticism and comparisons to the historic case of Emmett Till.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office initiated an administrative review to assess whether officers violated policies during the arrest. Sheriff T.K. Waters promised transparency but defended the use of force, asserting its necessity despite its appearance.

The video showed Woods being chased, shocked with a Taser, and struck multiple times. The arrest report indicated charges against Woods, including drug trafficking, resisting an officer, and evidence tampering. However, it did not capture Woods possessing a handgun.

Woods' family expressed outrage and planned a news conference, while their attorney demanded accountability for the officers' actions, accusing them of excessive force. This includes Woods' mother, Natassia Woods who said she felt "like an empty shell" and that his face was so beaten that "he's unrecognizable to me - that's not my baby."

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Link: NBCNews


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