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Body Camera Footage Released Of Police Shooting Niani Finlayson Following Her Domestic Violence Call

The #LosAngeles County Sheriff's Department has released body camera footage of a deputy-involved shooting of a 27-year-old woman, Niani Finlayson, in #Lancaster, #California. The incident occurred when deputies responded to a domestic violence call made by #Finlayson, who reported her boyfriend's refusal to leave her home. In the 911 call, she could be heard pleading for assistance.

Upon arrival, deputies encountered a tense situation inside the apartment, where Finlayson had a knife and threatened to stab her alleged estranged boyfriend. Deputies followed her inside, and as she grabbed the boyfriend with one hand while holding the knife, Deputy Ty Shelton fired four shots, fatally injuring Finlayson.

Tragically, Finlayson's 9-year-old daughter witnessed the incident, prompting concerns for her well-being. The alleged ex-boyfriend was arrested for child abuse and assault on a peace officer but later released pending further investigation.

Finlayson's family has filed a $30 million claim against #LASD and Los Angeles County for her killing. The deputy involved in the shooting has been removed from duty, and an extensive investigation is underway involving multiple agencies to review the incident's details and response.

We mourn the loss of another life and question the use of lethal force in situations that should be addressed through de-escalation and crisis intervention. Our hearts go out to Finlayson's family and especially her young daughter, who witnessed this traumatic event.

We'll continue to follow this story for future updates.

Link: ABCNews 


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