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Black & Native American Homeless Students Had Increased Out-Of-School Suspensions In 2023

Rates of out-of-school suspensions among #California's homeless youth, particularly Black and Native American students, have significantly increased in the past year, according to an analysis of California Department of Education data by the #CivilRights Project at #UCLA and National Center for Youth Law.

The study reveals alarming disparities in the treatment of homeless students of color. Homeless Black students saw a 21-day increase in lost instructional days due to suspensions, now averaging 90 days lost for every 100 enrolled. Meanwhile, homeless Native American students lost approximately 75 days for every 100 enrolled, reflecting a 17-day increase. These suspension rates are 7 to 10 times higher than the average for all California students.

The researchers emphasize the need for increased oversight by the California Department of Education to address this issue, particularly in districts failing to support youth of color coming from unstable home environments. Dan Losen, the director of education at the National Center for Youth Law, suggests that these high suspension rates may stem from unjustifiable resource cuts and maintaining discipline policies that don't consider the increasing needs of these vulnerable students.

The consequences of these suspensions are severe, with many homeless children potentially being sent to the streets. The findings highlight a pressing need for California's education system to address the unequal treatment and support for homeless students, especially those from marginalized communities.

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