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Black History & Literature Courses Removed By Missouri School Board Over Critical Race Theory Fears

The Francis Howell School District school board in #Missouri has stirred controversy by voting to eliminate two high school courses, "Black History" and "Black Literature," designed to address discrimination within the district. These courses were introduced in 2021 following reports of discrimination experienced by students and staff.

The decision to remove the courses has sparked debate, with some claiming that the curriculums contain elements of #criticalracetheory (#CRT) and are based on the Southern Poverty Law Center's Learning for Justice project, which aims to combat white supremacy and promote human rights.

Parents and students protested the removal, arguing that it limits education and infringes on their right to learn about various topics without ridicule. Others supported the board's move, stating that they would only back the courses without a "progressive political agenda."

A petition with over 3,000 signatures calls for the reinstatement of the courses, emphasizing their importance in understanding American history and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Earlier this year, the school board also rescinded its "anti-racism" resolution, which had been established in response to #GeorgeFloyd's murder in 2020, citing a lack of evidence that it benefited students.

The Southern Poverty Law Center criticized the decision, stating that it harms all students and defended its Learning for Justice standards as a roadmap for anti-bias education. The school district did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Link: KTVO


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