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Black Former Delivery Driver Sues White Men Who Shot At Him & FedEx For Making Him Return To Route

D'Monterrio Gibson, a former Black #FedEx delivery driver in #Mississippi, has filed a $5 million lawsuit against two white men, Brandon Case and his father, Gregory Case, as well as against FedEx. Gibson claims the men shot into his work van and pursued him in a high-speed chase in January 2022.

Although the men faced charges of attempted murder and other offenses, a judge declared a mistrial in the summer. Gibson, who was unharmed during the incident, alleges that FedEx exacerbated his trauma by making him return to the same route, leading to depression, stress, and anxiety.

This is the second lawsuit on Gibson's behalf, the first being a $5 million federal lawsuit dismissed in August against FedEx, the city of #Brookhaven, the #police chief, and the Cases. The dismissal cited a lack of viable claims against FedEx. The new state court lawsuit emphasizes Gibson's emotional distress and seeks compensation.

Despite FedEx denying the allegations and prioritizing employee safety, Gibson was terminated after not accepting a part-time, non-courier position offered by the company. He had been on therapy and worker's compensation leave since the attack.

The criminal case against the Cases resulted in a mistrial due to police errors, with prosecutors planning to set a new trial date. Gibson's encounter occurred during delivery when Gregory Case attempted to block the van, and Brandon Case fired shots, hitting the vehicle and some packages. The father's lawyer argued that Gregory Case approached the van to inquire about its presence but was ignored.

Currently, the Cases are out on bond as the criminal trial is pending.

We'll follow this story for further updates.

Link: NBCNews


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