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Black Church Fight Against Dallas Developer Due To Environmental Racism Concerns Leads To Construction Halt 

The predominantly African-American Friendship-West Baptist Church in #Dallas, #Texas, successfully halted the construction of a large warehouse near its property after a lawsuit citing environmental racism. 

Stonelake Capital Partners agreed to suspend the project after a district court judge granted an injunction. The #church argued that the warehouse, situated next to a government building and a neighborhood primarily populated by senior citizens, would pose safety risks and have negative environmental impacts. The lawsuit sought damages for loss of property value and the community's well-being. 

The church, known for its activism, had previously displayed a Black Lives Matter banner in response to the killing of George Floyd. Senior pastor Frederick Douglass Haynes III vowed to physically oppose construction if it proceeded, emphasizing the historical victimization of the area by environmental racism. 

"If they decide to begin construction, they will find me laying down in front of any construction machines," senior pastor Frederick Douglass Haynes III told NBC5 in June.

Haynes, also a social activist, leads the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and has actively protested against the warehouse project alongside concerned neighbors, highlighting the difficulties faced by the community, particularly its elderly residents.

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