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10-Year-Old Black Girl Lands Role At Metropolitan Opera House

Gabby, a 10-year-old from Maryland, has landed a role at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, playing Jesus in the opera "El Niño." She and her mother, Barbara, travel to New York City twice a week for the show's month-long run. On opening night, the opera house was packed, but Gabby remained unfazed, though her mother was emotional.

"You look around you, and you have a vision of how your life is going to be somehow, and we never thought opera. "We are not actors, we are not actresses. We don't have that background, and to get to that level, I looked around and said 'Wow, God is really good,'" Barbara said. 

Barbara expressed awe at their unexpected journey into the opera world, emphasizing their humble beginnings and lack of a theatrical background. Originally from Ghana, the family views Gabby's participation in an opera that narrates the nativity story as a reflection of their Christian faith. Gabby herself feels blessed to perform in a production that aligns with her beliefs and encourages reliance on divine guidance and community support.

"I am so glad I can do something that is based on my faith because I'm Christian," Gabby said. "Let God take you wherever you want to be. It's not just about yourself, let others help."

Despite her young age, Gabby has faced numerous rejections, sometimes leading to tears during auditions where she had to memorize extensive scripts quickly. However, her mother stresses the importance of perseverance and hard work in achieving one's dreams. Aside from her budding stage career, Gabby excels academically as a straight-A fourth-grader and has aspirations of becoming a pediatrician. She also engages in various activities, including playing the piano, drums, and soccer.

The production of "El Niño" at the Metropolitan Opera will continue through May 17, showcasing Gabby's remarkable talent and resilience.

Link: Fox 5 DC


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