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Yonkers Police Sergeant Sgt. Hector Cartagena Indicted On Assault Charges 

A 55-year-old Yonkers police sergeant, Hector Cartagena, was indicted on assault charges related to a March 14 incident. Cartagena allegedly kicked and punched a suspect 14 times during an arrest after a high-speed chase, leaving the suspect with a fractured orbital bone.

The Yonkers Police Department identified Cartagena's actions as outside their training policies and referred the case to the Westchester County District Attorney's Office. Cartagena, with 24 years of service, was suspended without pay.

Following the incident, an internal investigation determined Cartagena's use of force was inconsistent with departmental values and training. The department promptly informed the Westchester County District Attorney's Office and the public, resulting in criminal charges against Cartagena.

Yonkers Police Commissioner Christopher Sapienza and Mayor Mike Spano condemned Cartagena's actions, stating they undermine community trust and the integrity of the police force.

Cartagena's case highlights systemic issues within policing practices, reinforcing abolishing oppressive structures and prioritizing community safety without violence.


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