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Woman Suing Police Department After Mistakenly Taken For Being Under The Influence When She Was Having A Stroke

Nicole McClure, a Thurston County woman, is suing the county, jail, and Washington State Patrol for negligence after being mistakenly arrested for DUI. McClure, suffering from a brain bleed, was driving slowly due to dizziness and confusion but was arrested after a collision. Dashcam footage shows Trooper Jonathan Barnes aggressively arresting her, mistaking her condition for intoxication. 

In the video, Trooper Barnes repeatedly asks her to drop her keys then the situation grew tense.

"Stop resisting! She's trying to use these keys to stab. She's trying to use these keys as a weapon," said the trooper.

Despite showing no signs of alcohol or drugs, McClure received no medical evaluation when taken to the hospital for a drug and alcohol test. She was then taken to jail, where her condition worsened. Found in a puddle of her own urine and unable to move, she was finally taken to the hospital. Barnes also didn't mention that McClure was in a collision, and both tests determined she wasn't under any alcohol or drugs.

This is where a brain bleed was diagnosed, necessitating part of her skull to be removed. McClure's attorney claims earlier medical intervention could have lessened the severity. 

"If they had caught this and begun medical intervention earlier, it's likely the outcome would have been less severe," said her lawyer, Matt Dubin. "Instead of protecting and serving, the State Patrol created a situation that led to a life of diminished capacity and diminished life. And she didn't deserve that."

McClure's mistreatment and misdiagnosis, resulting in life-threatening delays in medical intervention, underscore the urgent need for #abolitionnow.

Link: Kiro7


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