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At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland earlier this year, Grammy Award-winning musician and entrepreneur sat down with Yahoo Finance Anchors Brian Sozzi and Julie Hyman to delve into the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and the pressing need for regulation in its deployment.

Amid the excitement surrounding AI's potential, such as his Sound Drive collaboration with Mercedes and Sirius XM radio show, cautioned against its unregulated proliferation. He emphasized the urgent need for regulatory frameworks akin to those governing driving licenses and vehicle safety standards. highlighted the risks posed by AI's ability to mimic human behavior convincingly, raising concerns about the blurring lines between human and artificial interactions.

"My biggest concern: Investments on AI to make machines smarter," said "There's no limit to the amount of money that's been pumped into it. The investment in HI to make humans smarter, human intelligence, that's just sad. It's sad that we're going to live in a world, right around the corner, where machines will be more articulate, analytical, critical thinking, banter ability, contextual, deep understanding. While we have resorted to short tweets, emojis, memes and stickers to communicate." points out what Americans need to pay attention to: "The way to really educate people on where we are, especially this election year, you have to ask the question, 'am I talking to a person or not?' That call that I had, was that real person? I mean, it looked like a real person but, was it? That's the unfortunate reality that we are in right now. We have dupe machines, machines that know how to mimic really well. Machines that know how to create. The public needs to know that its' creating and mimicking everything that we've ever done and it does it in a really fascinating way."

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