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White Plains, New York Reached Settlement With Family Of Black Former Marine Kenneth Chamberlain

The family of Black former marine Kenneth Chamberlain reached a settlement with the city of White Plains, New York for $5 million. Chamberlain was shot and killed by police in his apartment in 2011 when he accidentally pressed the button on his medical alert system while sleeping. During a wellness check, Chamberlain repeatedly informed authorities that he was fine and didn’t need assistance but, they refused to leave. Racial slurs escalated and police ultimately broke into Chamberlain’s home and shot him twice.

Following a decade of legal efforts, the family agreed to the settlement though the local police association argued that it did not imply an admission of wrongdoing. The son of the victim, Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., says the settlement provides some form of redress but falls short of true accountability.

The settlement represents the largest ever for police brutality in White Plains. Chamberlain family’s attorney, Mayo Barlett, emphasized the need for legislative changes to address police misconduct and brutality.


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