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White Michigan Church Supports Reparations To Black Organizations 

The First Presbyterian Church in Lansing, #Michigan, is actively supporting reparations for the Black community by raising funds. White members have contributed thousands of dollars to the cause, with a $40,000 donation to the Justice League of Greater Lansing and a previous $18,000 contribution. The church aims to fulfill a $100,000 pledge towards reparations, recognizing the need to address historical injustices such as slavery and wealth inequality. 

"The vision of the Justice League is to gain reparations for the 270,000 African Americans living within the capital area region," said Prince Solace, president of the league and director of community outreach for the church, of the initiative in 2022.

Led by Prince Solace, the Justice League seeks to distribute funds to African Americans in the region, focusing on areas like entrepreneurship, education, and homeownership. While acknowledging the daunting task of rectifying past wrongs, Pastor Stanley Jenkins hopes their initiative inspires other communities to join in supporting Black empowerment.

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