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Virginia Police Caught Mocking Police Brutality Victims With Pig Wearing “I Can’t Breath

Recently, a video surfaced on the Alexandria Accountability citizen YouTube page raising concerns about an Alexandria #Police Department vehicle in #Virginia. In the video, an unsettling display in the passenger seat caught the attention of viewers, seemingly mocking the tragic incidents of police brutality involving #GeorgeFloyd and #EricGarner.

The footage, captured by Alexandria Accountability, revealed a figure propped up inside the vehicle. This figure sported a cartoon pig head, a black domino mask, and a shirt bearing the poignant words "I Can't Breathe." These words served as the final plea of Eric Garner, an unarmed Black man whose life was tragically cut short by a New York City Police Officer in 2014. They were later echoed by George Floyd in 2020 when he was unlawfully killed by #Minneapolis Police officer #DerekChauvin, ultimately becoming a rallying cry for the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

In response to this distressing incident, Alexandria Police Chief Don Hayes and City Manager Jim Parajon issued a joint statement, expressing their concern and commitment to maintaining public trust.

City officials in Alexandria promptly denounced the display seen in the video as unacceptable and initiated a comprehensive investigation into the matter. Mayor Justin Wilson commented on the situation, stating, "It is clearly unacceptable. My understanding is the department is conducting a full investigation. Once that is complete, we should have some more information."

This incident contrasts with previous actions taken by the Alexandria Police Department, which had publicly expressed solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement during protests in 2020, with then-Chief Michael Brown penning an open letter denouncing the death of George Floyd.

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Link: ALX Now


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