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Viral Video Shows Four Officers Holding Black Woman Down While Another Cop Punched Her In The Face

The #Charlotte-Mecklenburg #Police Department confirmed that an officer punched Christina Pierre during her arrest last year, and a video of the incident has gone viral, drawing national attention.

In the video, at least four officers restrained Pierre on the ground while a fifth officer repeatedly punched her. The incident began when an officer noticed two people smoking marijuana at a bus stop, leading to an escalation and Pierre allegedly punching an officer. Chief Johnny Jennings mentioned that the officer's body camera was knocked off during the initial struggle, and the injuries to Pierre's face were consistent with a punch or abrasion.

CMPD claims that the officer who punched Pierre was trying to gain control and prevent further assault, citing #NorthCarolina's use of force law. After speaking to witnesses, CMPD confirmed that the officer struck Pierre once in response to being physically assaulted, which occurred during the initial encounter at the bus stop before the ground struggle. 

A month later, video evidence led to the suspension officer Vincent Pistone for a week, but activists demand further action against others involved. Local leaders seek substantial policy changes and assurance that future recommendations will be implemented, advocating to end the mistreatment of Black and brown individuals.

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