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Viral Video Shows Black Man Being Attacked By Several Police For Breaking Into His Own Car

Video footage has recently emerged depicting an incident in Detroit where several police officers forcibly apprehended an unidentified Black man. The video, originally shared on Facebook Live by De'trey Jackson recently, shows the man being brought to the ground while officers repeatedly punched him as concerned neighbors shouted and attempted to intervene.

According to Jackson's post caption, the incident occurred when the man locked his keys in his car and was attempting to retrieve them using a hanger. Detroit's Deputy Police Chief Melissa Gardner revealed in a press conference that the individual was no longer in custody.

In the video, Jackson, who filmed the altercation, vociferously questioned the police officers' actions and informed them that the man had been trying to access his own vehicle. He pleaded with them to release the man. The incident unfolded on the front porch of a residence in Detroit's east side.

Before attempting to handcuff the man, one officer forcibly pulled his black hoodie, which bore the words "Black Lives Matter," over his face. The situation escalated as the man resisted, resulting in the police using increased force.

As the altercation unfolded, officers punched the man multiple times while dragging him to the ground. Onlookers grew increasingly agitated, prompting some officers to draw their firearms and point them towards the crowd.

Detroit Police officials have initiated an investigation into the incident, including reviewing body camera footage, which will examine the circumstances of the arrest, tactics used by the officers, and the reasonableness of the force applied. Deputy Chief Gardner noted that the investigation is still ongoing, limiting the information that can be provided at this time.

We'll be following this story as more information comes out.

Link: DailyMail


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