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Viral Video Leads To Use Of Force Investigation By Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has initiated an inquiry into the conduct of officers following the circulation of a video and images on social media depicting a man in handcuffs with facial injuries and swollen eyes, suggesting a potential altercation with the police. The incident unfolded near Toledo Rd. and Powers Ave., where 24-year-old Le'Keian Woods was reportedly apprehended. The video, spanning over 5 minutes, portrays Woods on the ground, surrounded by Jacksonville Sheriff's Officers applying handcuffs with significant force.

Records from the Duval County jail indicate that Woods faces a range of charges, including drug-related offenses, resisting an officer with violence, and tampering with evidence. His attorney, Harry Daniels, alleges that the arrest stemmed from a minor seatbelt violation, emphasizing the severity of Woods' injuries in the video.

Harry Daniels, the attorney representing Woods stated that the 24-year-old was allegedly pulled over for an alleged seatbelt violation.

"If this video of the officers repeatedly assaulting Le'Keian, slamming his head in the ground and tossing him around like a ragdoll while he's handcuffed and defenseless isn't enough to convince you that these officers need to be off the street, just look at Le'Keian's face," says Daniels. "He looks like he just went 12 rounds with a professional boxer. He's lucky to be alive."

The Jacksonville Community Action Committee released a statement on the incident Saturday. "It is disturbed and outraged over the JSO Gang Unit's brutalization of 24-year-old Le'Keian Woods. We are demanding all officers involved in this beating are held accountable. We are calling for the immediate disbandment of the failed JSO gang unit. We are demanding the implementation of a public safety committee which would give the community a seat at the table to review public safety policies that impact our community. Our love and solidarity goes out to 24-year-old Le'Keian Woods and his family. We stand ready to assist in any way possible in their pursuit of Justice."

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