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Video Of Uniformed Prince George's County Officer Getting Into The Cop Car Back Seat With Woman

Prince George's County, Maryland, police officer Francesco Marlett has been suspended following the emergence of a viral video showing him engaging in an affectionate encounter with a woman at Southlawn Neighborhood Park in Oxon Hill. The video, which garnered millions of views across various social media platforms, shows Officer Marlett with his arms around the woman. In the footage, children are seen playing in the park, and witnesses reported several families with kids present during the incident.

The person who recorded the video decided to share it on social media, expressing concerns about such behavior in a public park where children were present. This incident has prompted other individuals to share situations at different Prince George's County Parks. The Prince George's County Police Department acknowledged the video's existence on their social media accounts and stated that they are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Outside of the suspension, the department has not provided further details regarding whether he was on duty at the time of the record interaction.

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Link: WUSA9


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