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UK Cops Refuse To Conduct Armed Patrols After Officer Is Charged With Killing An Unarmed Black Man

In London, the city's police force has disclosed that several of its officers are refusing to partake in armed patrols following the charging of a colleague with murder in the tragic shooting of an unarmed Black man.

The development emerged after a Metropolitan Police marksman was formally charged recently in connection with the September 2022 fatality of Chris Kaba, a 24-year-old individual. Kaba met his untimely demise when officers, operating in an unmarked vehicle, pursued and halted the Audi he was driving, ultimately resulting in a single bullet fired through the car's windshield, fatally striking him.

This incident has reignited concerns regarding institutional racism within the London police department. Chris Kaba's family expressed relief at the murder charge brought against the officer, whose identity has not been publicly disclosed. The officer was subsequently granted conditional bail and is anticipated to face trial next year.

Notably, only a fraction of London's police officers, roughly one in ten, carry firearms, and these individuals undergo specialized training. The Metropolitan Police force has revealed that "a number of officers have opted to step back from armed duties as they contemplate their role." Their apprehension stems from the murder charge, which they believe may signify a shift in the way their decisions are scrutinized in highly demanding circumstances.

When it comes to being charged with murder or manslaughter over actions performed while on duty, it's extremely rare for British police. In response the current charges brought against the officers, more than 100 officers turned in their firearm permits which led to police from neighboring forces being called to help patrol London.

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Link: APNews


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