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U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Leads To Ohio University To Pause Race-Based Scholarships 

#Ohio University, a prominent institution with approximately 20,000 undergraduates, has decided to halt the distribution of race-based diversity scholarships in response to the Supreme Court's ruling against #affirmativeaction in #college admissions. 

"We are temporarily pausing the awarding of impacted scholarships, which represent a small but important subset of our annual awards, as we contemplate any necessary revisions," the school said."

This decision announced recently, aims to reassess the scholarship programs, described as a small yet significant subset of the university's annual awards. While existing scholarship recipients won't be affected, the university is reviewing its policies in light of the legal landscape.

After the Supreme Court's decision, the Ohio Attorney General's Office promptly instructed colleges to cease considering race in admissions, indicating that such practices would not be legally protected. This move reflects broader legal shifts regarding affirmative action.

Despite the pause on race-based scholarships, existing agreements with donors specifying scholarship criteria will be honored, with the university pledging to collaborate closely with donors on any necessary revisions.

This pause raises questions about the future of equitable access to education for underrepresented students. As we navigate this shifting legal landscape, it is crucial to recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in fostering a truly equitable academic environment.

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Link: NBCNews 


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