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The Inflation Reduction Act Will See Black Farmers & Landowners Be Compensated For Discrimination

Black farmers and landowners from various regions convened recently to address their quest for compensation in response to racial discrimination. The Inflation Reduction Act has earmarked $2.2 billion to redress the grievances of black farmers and landowners who have substantiated their claims of discrimination by the USDA.

In a significant turnout, a multitude of black farmers and landowners engaged in discussions with representatives from The Black Farmers Agriculturalists Association, seeking assistance in navigating the intricate 40-page application process necessary to secure payment as part of the lawsuit.

While a verdict for compensation has been established to address the plight of those affected by discrimination, many are decrying the USDA's failure to provide readily accessible information, seeing it as another manifestation of discrimination.

This marks the third discrimination lawsuit brought against the USDA by black farmers and landowners, with previous applications consisting of more concise 5 to 8 pages. In response to the onerous application, The Black Farmers Agriculturalists Association has taken legal action by filing a federal lawsuit aimed at striking down the 40-page requirement.

Link: WAKA


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