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The Hillsborough NAACP has issued a travel advisory for Florida

Florida's Hillsborough Chapter of the NAACP is working on issuing a travel advisory for the state.

The move follows the recent controversial laws implemented by Governor Ron DeSantis.

This travel advisory is intended to bring attention to current Florida legislation, say NAACP leaders in Hillsborough County.

"Just educate yourself on what is really going on and why," said Yvette Lewis, the president of the Hillsborough County Chapter of the NAACP. Lewis and other NAACP members agreed over the weekend to ask the NAACP's national office to consider issuing a travel advisory for Florida.

Lewis explained that under the travel advisory, people are discouraged and warned about visiting or relocating to the state.

Florida has made a number of controversial legislative decisions within the last few months, ranging from rejecting an advanced placement African American Studies course in high school because state leaders and Governor Ron DeSantis argued it contributed to a political agenda to a law imposing that books must not contain any bias when it comes to race, culture, or socioeconomic.

The Hillsborough County Chapter of NAACP says it will hear from the national chapter in May.

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Source: CBS News


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