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The Family Of Dexter Wade Ask Department Of Justice To Investigate Police Involved Death & Burial

The family of Dexter Wade, tragically struck and killed by a Jackson, Mississippi Police Department cruiser in March, discovered the unsettling truth nearly seven months later after his burial. Desiring closure, they seek to exhume his body for an independent autopsy and implore the Department of Justice to conduct a thorough investigation.

Dexter Wade, 37, was reported missing by his mother on March 14, but the news of his demise reached her only on August 24. The Jackson Police Department acknowledged Wade's fatal accident involving one of their vehicles, attributing the delay in notifying next-of-kin to a lack of malicious intent.

Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump, standing with Wade's family in a recent press conference, voices their concerns and advocates for justice. The police department stated that despite the incident on March 5, where Wade was involved in a fatal pedestrian accident on I-55 South, they couldn't promptly identify him until later when medication in his pocket led to his identification by the coroner's office.

Authorities claim difficulty in contacting Wade's family due to outdated information, a factor contributing to the delayed notification. Acknowledging their failure to connect the missing persons' report with Wade's accident, the police expressed condolences to the family.

However, Wade's mother, Bettersten Wade, remains skeptical of their intentions, alleging repeated inquiries led to no results. Attorney Ben Crump announced plans to petition for Wade's exhumation from an indigent burial site to conduct an independent autopsy and ensure a dignified final resting place.

“We are never going to let Dexter Wade be swept under the rug,” Crump said.

We will keep you updated on this tragic incident as we receive more information.

Link: CNN


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