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Texas Governor Will Face Legal Action From Los Angeles City Council For Migrant Buses

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to investigate the possibility of suing the state of Texas and Governor Greg Abbott for their actions related to sending migrants to Los Angeles on buses in June this year. The council aims to determine if Abbott's actions constitute criminal violations such as kidnapping or human trafficking. The move comes after Texas sent multiple buses of migrants to Los Angeles, with the most recent bus arriving during the council's meeting.

The proposal directs the City Attorney’s office to investigate potential civil legal action against Texas, Abbott or any other entity involved in the planning and actions of the bussing. It also calls for an investigation into whether human trafficking, kidnapping, or any other crimes occurred on or before the day the first bus was sent.

Additionally, the council unanimously approved a resolution calling on local, state, and federal prosecutors to investigate and report on whether any crimes were committed.

Abbott’s spokesperson defended the actions, stating that migrants willingly chose to travel to Los Angeles on buses with food and water, signing voluntary consent waivers upon boarding. City Attorney Hydee Feldstein Soto expressed eagerness to investigate Abbott's actions, criticizing him for playing politics with vulnerable migrant families and calling his actions inhumane.


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