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Tech Staffing Firm Arthur Grand Technologies Inc. Settles With Department Of Justice & Labor Department Following Job Posting Requiring Recruits To Be White, U.S.-Born Citizens

A Virginia-based IT staffing firm, Arthur Grand Technologies Inc., has settled with the U.S. government over a discriminatory job posting. The settlement includes a $7,500 civil penalty and $31,000 in payments to 31 complainants. The company, which is minority-owned and a federal contractor, will be monitored for compliance with anti-discrimination laws.

The controversial job posting specified that only white, U.S.-born citizens within 60 miles of Dallas, TX, should apply and included a note to keep it from candidates. This led to accusations of discrimination and violations of the Immigration and Nationality Act and a federal executive order against discrimination by federal contractors.

Arthur Grand's CEO, Sheik Rahmathullah, denied any wrongdoing, attributing the posting to a rogue employee and stating the company took immediate action, including terminating the responsible individual. The company settled to avoid the costs and disruptions of litigation. 

Rahmathullah emphasized their commitment to preventing such incidents and maintaining trust. The Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Labor (DOL) agreements highlighted Arthur Grand's failure to track job applicant demographics and post equal employment opportunity notices. The company must send a form letter to complainants, who must agree not to sue upon receiving their settlement.

Arthur Grand Technologies, based in Ashburn, VA, is recognized as a Small Disadvantaged Business, with leadership and staff predominantly composed of people of color. The DOJ acknowledged the company's claim that a disgruntled recruiter in India posted the advertisement without approval. The incident underscores the importance of adherence to anti-discrimination laws for federal contractors.

The settlement with Arthur Grand Technologies Inc. over a discriminatory "whites only" job posting is a stark reminder of the ongoing fight against systemic racism and discrimination in the workplace. This incident highlights the need for vigilance and accountability, even within minority-owned businesses.

Link: NPR


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