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Study Finds PTSD Symptoms In Black Youth Linked To Online Racism

A study published in #JAMA #Psychiatry reveals the severe impact of online racism on Black youth, potentially leading to PTSD symptoms and suicidal thoughts. The study, co-authored by Ashley Denise Maxie-Moreman, a pediatric psychologist at Children's National Hospital, involved 525 Black children and teens aged 11 to 19. It focused on individual experiences of online racial discrimination, like racist memes or messages. These experiences were linked to #PTSD symptoms such as feeling on guard, isolation, intrusive thoughts, and distress.

This research aligns with alarming trends in suicide rates among Black youth. A Johns Hopkins report noted a 144% increase in suicide rates for Black children and teens from 2007 to 2020. While the study didn't establish a direct link between online racism and suicidal thoughts, it suggested a possible correlation.

Dr. Kevin Simon, Boston's first chief behavioral health officer, noted that PTSD and depression symptoms often overlap, both associated with suicidal thoughts. Other experts echoed the detrimental effects of racism, both online and offline. Michael Lindsey from NYU highlighted the long-term mental health impacts of racism on Black adolescents, including hypervigilance and increased depression and anxiety.

Dr. Amanda Calhoun from #Yale University emphasized the broader context of anti-Black racism in contributing to mental health issues in Black youth. She pointed out the need for better support and understanding in addressing these issues.

The study suggests that online platforms need to create safer spaces for Black teens by monitoring and reducing hate speech. Experts recommend open dialogues between parents and #children, early mental health support in schools, and caution against therapies that may invalidate Black children's experiences of racism. Simon emphasizes the importance of empathetic and affirming care from mental health providers.

As we confront the sobering reality of online racism's profound impact on Black youth, we must engage in community conversations. Please share some of your experiences and strategies for protecting your children in the face of this disturbing trend. How are you navigating these challenges?

Link: NBCNews


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