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State Attorney General Andrew Bailey Is Accused Of Racial Bias For Pinning A Viral Student Fight On Diversity Program

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has initiated an investigation into the Hazelwood School District after a girl was severely injured in a fight that went viral online. Bailey attributed the incident to the district's diversity programs, sparking accusations of racial bias from the district's lawyer. 

The lawyer questioned Bailey's focus on this incident over others and accused him of representing only white citizens. The Hazelwood School District, predominantly Black, defends its diversity initiatives, rejecting Bailey's assertions. 

The absence of school resource officers during the fight is a point of contention, with Bailey blaming the district for prioritizing diversity policies. However, the district argues that officers would not have prevented an off-campus altercation. These events highlight broader tensions regarding the role of diversity programming and police in schools.

In a statement, Hazelwood spokeswoman Jordyn Elston emphasized that the school district does not compromise student safety for the sake of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. She firmly believes these programs contribute to student safety and academic advancement. "These values are not negotiable," Elston affirmed, "and we will continue to prioritize them in all aspects of our work as community leaders."

Link: AP News


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