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Spelman College Receives The Largest-Ever Single Donation To An HBCU 

#RondaStryker and her husband #WilliamJohnston have donated a historic $100 million to #SpelmanCollege, marking the largest-ever single contribution to a historically Black college or university. Stryker, the billionaire granddaughter of Stryker Corp.'s founder, and Johnston, chairman of Greenleaf Trust, have previously shown their philanthropy in education, including a $30 million donation to Spelman in 2018.

The donation will be allocated with $75 million dedicated to establishing endowed scholarships, addressing the critical need for student financial support. The remainder will be utilized to enhance Spelman's academic programs, particularly focusing on public policy and democracy, and to improve student housing, responding to concerns voiced by the student body in recent years.

The donation is seen as transformative and reflective of the increasing recognition of the value and importance of investing in historically Black colleges and universities (#HBCUs). This recognition has been growing, as evidenced by recent significant donations to HBCUs, including those from MacKenzie Scott, Netflix founder Reed Hastings and his wife, Patty Quillin, and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg.

This substantial gift to Spelman comes shortly after the United Negro College Fund's announcement of a $100 million contribution from the Lilly Endowment Inc., aimed at bolstering the financial stability of the 37 HBCUs in its network. This wave of support highlights a broader commitment to enhancing the educational landscape and opportunities for historically marginalized communities.

Link: APNews


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