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South Carolina Teachers Used Black Student as 'Target Practice' on Mostly White Tennis Team, 'Allowed' Her to be Bullied After She Dared to Report the Discrimination, Lawsuit Alleges

Crystal Dozier is suing the Horry County School District and three employees of Green C. Floyds High School in South Carolina for allegedly ignoring her daughter's complaints of racial discrimination. Dozier's 17-year-old daughter, who is Black, faced discrimination starting with her ignored request to join the school's tennis team, which was composed entirely of white females. 

When allowed to join, she was subjected to being used as "target practice" by teammates. After reporting racial discrimination to English teacher and coach Krysten Webster, the complaint alleges that Webster, along with Assistant Principal Mary Price and Principal Nick Harris, attempted to suppress her complaints, accusing her of aggression and violence. Despite recording evidence of deception by Price, the school continued to allow bullying and dismissed complaints of racial discrimination. 

A district official's investigation acknowledged bias but took no significant action. Dozier withdrew her daughter from the school in January 2024 and seeks a jury trial for damages and remedial action for the emotional distress her daughter endured.


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