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Six Former Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Plead Guilty To Sexually Assaulting Two Black Men

Christian Dedmon, Hunter Elward, Brett McAlpin, Jeffrey Middleton, Daniel Opdyke and Joshua Hartfield all pleaded guilty recently to an assault on Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker during a home raid in Mississippi’s Rankin County. Entering the house without a warrant on January 24, the group known as the “Goon Squad” abused two men over a 90-minute period with a sex toy, stun guns and other objects. During a mock execution, one of the officers also shot a man in the mouth. Instead of providing medical aid, officers conspired to plant and tamper with evidence as well. Both Jenkins and Parker filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in June against Rankin County for $400 million in damages. According to documents, the Goon Squad nickname came from the group’s willingness to use excessive force and not report it. In an Associated Press investigation, the deputies were linked to at least four other violent encounters with Black men since 2019 that left two dead. Sentencing will come in mid- November where Dedmon and Elward face a maximum of 120 years plus life in prison and $2.75$ million in fines; Hartfield faces 80 years and $1.5 million; McAlpin, 90 years and $1.75 million; Middleton, 80 years and $1.5 million; and Opdyke, 100 years and $2 million. We will continue to follow this story closely for future updates. Link: NBC News


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