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School Asks Parents Of Students For Permission To Have Book By An African American Author Read Out Loud In Class 

A #Florida school district has stirred controversy by requiring parental consent for students to participate in a reading activity featuring an #AfricanAmerican author's book, in compliance with state law. The permission slip, distributed by Miami-Dade County Public Schools, prompted outrage from parents like Charles Walter, who questioned the necessity of consent for such an event.

Walter's daughter, a first-grader, initially found the activity uninteresting and didn't inform her father. However, Walter's verbal consent was still required for her participation. This requirement stems from the Parental Rights in Education law, which grants parents more control over their children's education but has faced criticism for its restrictions on classroom discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity.

The district's policy of obtaining parental consent for various activities, including guest speakers and read-aloud sessions, has been in effect since November. While the district emphasized the importance of clarity in event descriptions, critics like Walter argue against the necessity of such measures and fear limitations on educational opportunities.

This issue has sparked wider debates about the implementation of the law, with concerns raised about its potential impact on diverse educational experiences beyond Black history. Despite the controversy, the school district has yet to provide details about the book read during the event or the guest speaker involved.

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Link: NBCNews 


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