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Republican-Led Tennessee Legislature Moves to Dissolve HBCU Tennessee State University Board Amid Oversight Concern

The #Tennessee Legislature is considering dissolving Tennessee State University's Board of Trustees amid dissatisfaction over its oversight. A bill approved by a Senate committee would replace the current board with new members following criticism from an audit. 

An amendment allows for the reconstitution of the board under Governor Bill Lee's appointment. Supporters oppose this, advocating for more time to address issues. However, the adjustment proposed by Republican state senators Jon Lundberg and Bo Watson in the bill suggests disbanding the board, followed by its immediate reformation and extension of authority. 

This revision would enable Republican Governor Bill Lee to nominate new members. While existing members could potentially be reappointed, legislators have expressed dissatisfaction with the current board. Despite decades of challenging relations with the Legislature and consistent underfunding by the state, the university and its students have persevered. 

The situation in Tennessee mirrors a broader pattern of underfunding affecting historically Black land-grant institutions nationwide, prompting a call to action from the Biden administration in September. Legislators and university representatives clash over governance and funding issues. The decision impacts TSU's presidential search and student initiatives. 

Critics argue the amendment grants excessive control to the governor, potentially disrupting university operations. Student trustee voices concerns over the loss of institutional knowledge and progress. The legislative move follows Tennessee's 2016 restructuring, granting autonomy to universities, including TSU, after removing statewide oversight. The bill's fate rests on the House committee and chamber approval, with implications for TSU's governance and future.

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