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Redrawn Georgia Congressional And Legislative Districts By Federal Judge Will Favor GOP

A federal judge in #Georgia has approved new congressional and legislative voting districts that favor #Republicans and include Black-majority districts. The judge, Steve Jones, rejected claims that the new maps didn't do enough to support Black voters, stating that he couldn't interfere with legislative choices. 

These maps were redrawn after a previous set was ruled to have illegally harmed Black voters. The approved maps are set to be used in the 2024 elections and are expected to maintain a 9-5 Republican majority among Georgia's 14 congressional seats, as well as GOP majorities in the state Senate and House.

The new maps include the Black-majority districts ordered by Judge Jones in October. It also significantly altered some Democratic-held districts, such as Democratic U.S. Rep. Lucy McBath's 7th District in the Atlanta suburbs. 

McBath has pledged to continue her congressional tenure despite Republicans drawing her out of her original District, which means she will likely need to run in a new district for the second consecutive election.

This decision marks a pivotal moment in Georgia's political history, where the battle between partisan interests and the protection of minority voting rights continues to shape the electoral landscape.

Link: NBCNews 


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