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Pregnant Mother & Her 8-Year-Old Son Having Guns Pointed At Them By Sacramento Police

Shanice Stewart is demanding an apology from Sacramento police after a case of mistaken identity left her alongside her 8-year-old son traumatized. The Black mother, who is also nine months pregnant, was en route to her son's football practice in mid-October when #police officers pulled them over.

They believed Brandon fit the description of a suspect wanted for two felonies, prompting them to initiate a high-risk stop with multiple officers and a helicopter. Stewart expressed disbelief at the situation, exclaiming, "My 8-year-old baby fits the description of the suspect you're looking for?" In a Facebook post, she detailed how officers ordered her to exit the car with her hands up while a terrified Brandon begged them not to take his mother away.

Eventually, the police realized their mistake and issued an apology. #Sacramento Police acknowledged the error and issued a statement explaining the situation. They admitted that a case of mistaken identity had occurred and stated, "Our department has been in contact with the mother since the incident. We recognize the impact that police interactions can have on our community members."

Stewart described how the incident has left her young son traumatized and fearful of highway travel, constantly aware of police presence. She also revealed her own fear for her and her son's safety during the ordeal.

"It was definitely heartbreaking. It's something that is a life-changer." Stewart told ABC News. "For us to not have done anything and for it to had went that far."

The harrowing ordeal faced by Shanice Stewart and her 8-year-old son highlights the deeply ingrained issues within our policing systems. Mistaken identity should never result in a pregnant mother and her child having guns pointed at them during a high-risk stop.

Link: NBCNews


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