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Police Involved Death Of Breonte Johnson-Davis Sr. Leads To Protest 

Activist groups are organizing a press conference and march at the Palmetto #Police Department, protesting the alleged police brutality against 36-year-old Breonte Johnson-Davis Sr. during a paranoia episode on November 1st in #Florida. According to these groups, Johnson-Davis was tased and punched multiple times by the police, resulting in a cardiac arrest that led to his death the following day at the hospital. This incident has raised concerns about the police response to mental health crises.

Ruth Beltran, a community organizer for the Party for Socialism and Liberation #TampaBay, expressed frustration over the lack of transparency and answers provided to the family, noting the absence of a basic police report. The activist groups are demanding an independent investigation into the incident and calling for a systemic change in how emergency calls involving mental health issues or drug addiction are handled. They advocate for responses by mental health professionals rather than police officers.

#Palmetto #Police Chief Scott Tyler acknowledged the ongoing investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and cited this as the reason for not releasing the full details, including the police report and video footage. Tyler anticipates the investigation's completion within the next few weeks.

The absence of transparency and accountability in cases like these only exacerbates the pain of grieving families. An independent investigation is not only warranted but a crucial step towards addressing the systemic issues that perpetuate such tragedies. 

For those attending the march or future protest, please visit to learn about protesting rights in your area.

Link: WMNF 


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