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Police Captain Promoted To Public Integrity Bureau Was Once Charged In The Death Of Freddie Gray

Captain Alicia White, who faced charges related to the 2015 arrest and subsequent death of #FreddieGray in #Baltimore, has been elevated to a new role within the Police Department's Public Integrity Bureau. She will now oversee misconduct allegations starting February 11.

Gray, a 25-year-old Black man, was detained by the Baltimore Police for possessing a knife within legal limits on April 12, 2015. While in custody, he sustained severe injuries, ultimately leading to his death on April 19, 2015, attributed to spinal cord injuries.

White's appointment underwent review by an interview committee, with approval from the city's police commissioner. She will join the Investigative section, tasked with handling complaints from fellow officers or the public about police conduct.

At the time of Gray's arrest, White was a lieutenant and a supervisor who encountered him after he was already injured. Former State Attorney Marilyn Mosby alleged that White did not adequately investigate the arrest or Gray's injuries. However, White has defended her actions, stating she followed proper procedures and believed Gray was uncooperative when questioned about his condition.

Despite the controversy and accusations, White's charges were dropped in 2017, and she was subsequently promoted to the rank of Captain in August 2022.

Following a Department of Justice investigation in 2016 that revealed deficiencies in training and accountability within the Baltimore Police Department, efforts have been made to implement systemic improvements, including a compliance assessment of the Public Integrity Bureau.

The elevation of Captain Alicia White to oversee misconduct allegations within the Baltimore Police Department's Public Integrity Bureau reflects a troubling pattern of impunity and disregard for accountability within police. White's involvement in the arrest and subsequent death of Freddie Gray, compounded by allegations of inadequate investigation and misconduct, raises serious concerns about her suitability for such a role. #abolitionnow


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