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Over 200 More Bodies Found In Unmarked Graves Behind A State Jail Following Dexter Wade Case

In #Jackson, #Mississippi, a disturbing discovery of 215 bodies in unmarked graves behind a state jail has emerged, leaving families of the deceased in the dark. Many graves were identified only by a number and a metal rod, causing concerns about transparency and respect for the deceased. The families' attorneys, including Ben Crump, are calling for a thorough investigation.

The situation came to light following the death of #DexterWade in March 2023, who died after being hit by a #police officer. His family was not informed of his death, and he was buried anonymously. Shockingly, Wade had identification on him, which was handed over to the lead detective by the medical examiner. The detective claimed to have made an unsuccessful call and ceased further action.

Activist Arthur "Silky Slim" Reed described the grim scene at the burial site, with buzzards flying overhead and a disturbing stench from the shadowed, unembalmed graves. The handling of the deceased has been criticized for its inhumanity. Reed pointed out that the issue transcends race, as both white and black individuals are buried similarly, often without proper identification.

The lack of communication with the affected families has left many believing their loved ones were missing. Reed, alongside attorneys Crump and Dennis Week, is pushing for a federal investigation to address these unmarked graves and the potential civil rights violations, as exemplified by Dexter Wade's case. Wade's rights were violated as his family was not notified, and he was buried without permission despite his known identity. The families are seeking justice and transparency in response to these alarming revelations.

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Link: Fox26Houston 


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