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Officer Acquitted For 2020 Death Of Manuel Ellis Resigns From Neighboring Sheriff's Office Two Days After Being Sworn In  

Christopher Burbank, acquitted in the Manuel Ellis case, resigned from the Thurston County Sheriff's Office shortly after being hired amidst community backlash and threats. Sheriff Derek Sanders acknowledged a failure to consider the community's reaction and the impact of Burbank's employment. Burbank's hiring initially aimed to address staffing shortages but sparked controversy due to ongoing legal matters and his controversial past. 

Ellis' family remains involved in legal actions against Burbank, highlighting the unresolved tensions surrounding Ellis' death in custody and the officer's acquittal. The incident continues to evoke strong responses from the community and authorities, reflecting broader concerns over accountability and public trust.

"There is strong evidence in the Ellis case, including but not limited to the cell phone videos, that should be very concerning to any reasonable person," family attorney Matthew Ericksen said in an email Tuesday. "It is not in dispute that Mr. Burbank tased an unarmed person 3 times. Mr. Burbank even used his taser while Manny was being choked out by another officer."

The involved officers resigned with settlements, and Pierce County settled a part of the wrongful death lawsuit for $4 million, with the case against the city still pending.

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