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North Hollywood Print Shop Owner Can't Get Compensation For SWAT Raid That Destroyed His Business

Carlos Pena, the NoHo Printing & Graphics owner, was confronted by U.S. Marshals with guns pointed at him last August. Before he could comprehend the situation, a fugitive rushed into his shop, physically assaulted him, and barricaded the door. Over the next 12 hours, a Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) team and the U.S. Marshals entered the shop using heavy weaponry and tear gas canisters. The raid resulted in significant destruction, with doors and even the toilet being damaged.

Carlos Pena was not allowed back into his shop until 1:30 a.m. the following day due to lingering tear gas. The aftermath left his business in ruins, and he lost approximately 82% of his clientele, along with all his equipment and income. Pena's attempts to file claims against the U.S. Marshals for the damages were denied twice. His insurance also couldn't cover the losses because it required a specific "terrorism" policy, which he was unaware of.

Despite the hardships, Pena is slowly rebuilding his business in his garage, thanks to the support of his community. Other print shop owners reached out to assist, selling him equipment at reduced prices. A GoFundMe campaign was initiated by friends and community members to aid his business's recovery.

Carlos Pena has taken legal action against the LAPD to seek compensation for the raid's damages, although the LAPD declined to comment on the lawsuit. After over 30 years of owning NoHo Printing & Graphics, Pena remains determined to rebuild and overcome the challenges he has faced.

We will be following developments on this story as they happen and let us know your thoughts.

Link: KCRW


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