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New York Police Department Harass Migrants Looking For Work & Impounded Their Scooters

A recent crackdown on migrants using scooters was captured on social media recently where police impounded several vehicles on the Upper West Side. The move raises concern about the impact on migrant workers who often use these motorized bikes to earn a living.

NYPD seized four mopeds, nine bicycles, and one motorcycle while arresting a woman during an impoundment. A video circulating social media show NYPD officers wielding stun guns, shoving migrants to the ground and leaving six men in handcuffs.

Migrants, many newcomers to the United States, often turn to food delivery work to support their families. Without proper documentation or work permits, they rely on motorcycles and scooters for quick transportation, as food delivery jobs do not require licenses.

The presence of unregistered motorized bikes has become a common sight outside migrant shelters, such as the Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. Migrants argue that these vehicles are their lifeline, allowing them to generate income.

New York councilmember Jen Gutierrez slammed the raid and called out Mayor Eric Adams. “This mayor can’t have it both ways, saying ‘we care about you and want you to thrive’ while at the same time targeting migrant shelters in this way,” Gutierrez said.

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Link: Fox5NY


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