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New Details Emerge In The Death of 17-Year-Old Kadarius Smith Who Was Run Over By Police Car

A redacted report from the Leland Police Department provides new details about a fatal incident involving 17-year-old Kadarius Smith and an unnamed officer. The report was dispatched to address a call about two suspects with handguns at a residence. During the police response, Smith reportedly fled, leading to a foot pursuit by the officer. The chase ended tragically when Smith was struck by a police vehicle driven by the pursuing officer.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, representing Smith's family, alleges that Smith was run over from behind, with tire marks left on his back, resulting in his death at a hospital. The incident has sparked demands for the release of dashcam footage; however, the city attorney confirmed that no such footage exists, nor was the officer equipped with a body cam.

"The Leland PD officers aren't required to wear body cams nor have our patrol cars been required to do so to my knowledge. However, the PD is in the process of acquiring the equipment to do so," Bogan said via email to the Clarion Ledger.

The absence of footage and body cams has raised questions about the department's policies. Inquiries into the police department's guidelines have revealed no existing policies on the use of dash or body cams as of 2024. The officer involved has been on administrative leave pending an investigation. The situation has highlighted ongoing concerns regarding police practices and transparency, with no state-mandated policies on the use of body-worn cameras in Mississippi.


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