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New Associated Press Report Looks Into Why More Than 1,000 People Die After Police Subdued Them With Force That Wasn't Intended To Kill 

An investigation by The Associated Press, in collaboration with the Howard Center for Investigative Journalism and FRONTLINE, revealed over a decade, more than 1,000 deaths occurred under similar circumstances. These incidents span across the U.S., affecting individuals from diverse backgrounds. However, Black Americans disproportionately bore the impact, with a third of the fatalities involving Black individuals, despite them comprising only 12% of the population. 

The report discusses the systemic issues within policing practices, including the lack of adherence to safety protocols and a significant gap in accountability and transparency within the justice system, ultimately leading to numerous deaths attributed to police actions not classified as lethal force.

Some of the examples throughout the report include:

Carl Grant, a Vietnam veteran with dementia, was slammed to the ground by a police officer in a hospital while attempting to charge an imaginary cell phone, resulting in his head hitting the floor. 

Taylor Ware, a former Marine battling mental health issues, was aggressively subdued by police at a rest stop, including being bitten by a police dog, stunned, pinned down, and sedated. 

Donald Ivy Jr., an athlete, encountered police suspicion near an ATM, fled, and was subsequently tackled, stunned, and beaten, leading to his death. 

These unarmed individuals, posing no threat to public safety, died following non-lethal force application by police, echoing the broader issue of such tactics' potential for deadly outcomes, as highlighted by George Floyd's 2020 death.

The disproportionate impact on Black Americans, who make up a third of the fatalities despite being only 12% of the population, further highlights the systemic racism embedded within policing practices. The tragic stories outlined in the report, from Carl Grant to Taylor Ware and Donald Ivy Jr., vividly illustrate the dire consequences of unchecked police violence against unarmed individuals, particularly those battling mental health issues or simply going about their daily lives. 

In addition to further narratives documenting fatalities resulting from police encounters, the feature also includes an interactive database providing detailed information on these cases.

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Link: APNews


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