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NAACP Call For Federal Investigation Into The Deaths of 21 Inmates In Broward Jail 

The #NAACP is calling for a federal investigation into the Broward Sheriff's Office and its management of #Florida's second-largest county jail system. The civil rights group alleges that the jail fails to adequately monitor inmates, provide proper medical treatment, and offer mental health services. They claim that 21 inmates have died in custody since 2019, citing concerns over transparency and the contracted medical and mental health care services.

One case highlighted in their request is that of Kevin Desir, a 43-year-old with bipolar disorder who died of strangulation during a 2021 altercation with guards, according to an independent autopsy. The letter to the U.S. Justice Department also mentions deaths by suicide and drug overdoses, as well as disturbing incidents such as an inmate giving birth alone in her cell in 2019 and another cutting off his own penis in 2018.

The NAACP's Broward County president, Marsha Ellison, emphasized the need for an external investigation, expressing distrust in the sheriff's office investigating itself. Public Defender Gordon Weekes echoed these concerns, stating that the lack of transparency causes additional pain for the families of deceased inmates.

The Broward Sheriff's Office defends its jail system, claiming it meets national accreditation standards despite significant guard vacancy rates. The Justice Department has acknowledged the #NAACP's request but has not confirmed whether an investigation will be launched.

The families of inmates who have died in custody, like Janard Geffrard and Corbin Moberg, are left grieving and questioning the circumstances surrounding their loved ones' deaths. They seek accountability and transparency in the face of these tragic incidents.

We'll continue to follow this story for future updates.

Link: WSVN 


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