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Motion-Activated Street Cameras Raise Concerns About Unauthorized Misuse By Police

There are growing concerns about Flock Safety, a company providing motion-activated cameras for law enforcement agencies. These cameras capture vehicle information, including make, model, color and license plate for usage in a shared database among law enforcement agencies across 3,000 communities nationwide. These cameras store images in cloud storage for 30 days but some police departments can request more extended retention periods.

Civil liberties advocates are worried about the lack of uniform regulations governing data management for these cameras. Tim Muth, Interim Legal Director at the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin, emphasizes the need for standard regulations and oversight policies to prevent unauthorized misuse by officers. He also highlights the issue of public awareness, stating that many people are unaware they are being tracked.

Though Flock Safety Spokesperson Holly Beilin says the company protects privacy in their terms of service alongside other measures, the ACLU hopes to see debates at a local and state level about how the tech will be controlled and limited.

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Link: WUWM


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