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Mother Of Quantavious Eason Suing State Over His Public Urination Arrest

The mother of a 10-year-old boy, Quantavious, who was arrested for public urination in Senatobia, #Mississippi, is suing the city and involved officers, citing a distressing incident last August. According to their attorney, Latonya Eason filed the lawsuit in federal court, outlining how Quantavious, unable to find a restroom, urinated discreetly near his mother's car. 

Initially reprimanded by one officer, another officer, Zachary Jenkins, arrived with colleagues, resulting in Quantavious' arrest and detention for an hour. Represented by attorney Carlos Moore, the family argues racial bias, asserting Quantavious wouldn't have been arrested if white. The case garnered national attention and was dismissed in December, but the family alleges lasting physical and emotional trauma, including PTSD and shock.

Moore emphasizes the lawsuit's broader aim to prompt accountability and systemic change in law enforcement practices, urging a reexamination of police training and policies. By holding the city, police chief, and officers accountable, they aim to send a message against such unacceptable behavior, particularly concerning vulnerable populations like children. 

The lawsuit signifies justice for Quantavious and a call for dignity and respect in police interactions with citizens, regardless of age or background.

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