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Mock Slave Auction Leads To Teacher Being Placed On Leave 

A fifth-grade teacher in Massachusetts has been placed on paid administrative leave after holding a "mock slave auction" and using a racial slur in class. This incident occurred during a history lesson on the Southern colonies' economy, where two children of color were asked to stand, and the class discussed their physical attributes. 

In a separate incident, the teacher read a book not included in the curriculum and used a racial slur not found in the book. Superintendent Gregory L. Martineau condemned these actions and noted the teacher inappropriately singled out a student who reported the slur. The school's principal, Kathleen A. Valenti, was also placed on leave. 

The district is conducting a thorough investigation, and Martineau has apologized for the situation, acknowledging procedural missteps. Similar incidents have occurred in other states like North Carolina, highlighting ongoing issues with racial sensitivity in schools.

Link: NY Times


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