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Mississippi Mother Finds Out Police Ran Over Her Son & Buried Him Without Notifying His Family

Jackson, Mississippi mother Bettersten Wade spent seven months searching for her missing son, Dexter Wade, 37, who disappeared on March 5. After 172 days, she discovered that Dexter had been killed by a police car less than an hour after leaving home. Despite knowing his identity, the police failed to inform Bettersten, leaving Dexter’s body unclaimed in the county morgue for months.

Dexter was hit by a police car less than a mile from his mother’s house. The unidentified cop wasn’t cited for any traffic violations and the death was ruled accidental.

The investigative report from NBCNews showed that in early October, Bettersten was directed to the Hinds County penal farm where she found her son’s grave, marked only with a number. The discovery led to an emotional moment as she apologized to her son at his gravesite.Dexter was remembered as a sweet boy who dreamed of running his own car refurbishing business.

The callousness displayed by the police in failing to inform his mother, Bettersten Wade, of his fate and leaving Dexter's body unclaimed for months is a glaring example of the dehumanization and neglect perpetuated by a justice system that consistently fails to protect and serve our communities.

Our condolences go out to the family of Dexter Wade.

We will continue to follow this story for updates. #AbolitionNow

Link: NBCNews


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